[-hyph-] – ALTER.TENACIO[-HYPH-]
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[-hyph-] is Nicolas Wiese (not related to John) who records under this banner. He is from Berlin where he composes his electro-acoustic music using instruments played by others. There is xylophone, double bass, alto saxophone, bass clarinet (which he plays himself, actually) as well as field recordings from Canada, police helicopter and human voices. Before I compared this with the 'never quiet' music of Brume. There is always something happening here. No second silence seems to be permitted. Wiese uses the computer to treat his sounds beyond belief, or rather : beyond recognition. It seems to me that he tries to tell us a story, as there is a multitude of voices to be detected in this work, but it's not easy to grasp that story. The titles seem to give a clue however: Pulverize Dreams, Reset Barriers, Upgrade Sirens and Suspend Values (the latter is called track 5 on the cover, meaning there is one track without a title). Maybe it has to do with idealism versus state control (or perhaps any sort of control really), I don't know. What I do know is that the music is very much along the lines of @C : very vibrant, very free in approach and result, composed from the original ideas of musique concrete, but with a strong touch of his own. Perhaps not entirely new (either), but it's all done with great care and style. Before I said good to see it released and not just a radio piece, now I can safely say : great to see this on CD.
[Review by FdW]

more info : www.myspace.com/nicolaswww